Loving pet care for your cat(s)!

The Ginger Cat


House Sitting

Kare Ane Strong


I stay overnight in your home and spend much of the daytime hours there, too. When I am house sitting for you, I provide companionship and care for your pets and look after your home (mail, plants, trash, and more).

Free consultation in your home


Please make your reservations early, as I serve only one client at a time.


Cat Sitting

I visit your home once or twice a day to provide love and care for your cat(s) and to give your home that ‘lived in’ look.

I care for your cat(s):
  • Fresh food and water
  • Litter box scooped/kept tidy
  • Love and attention (play time, lap time, brushing, belly rubs, head rubs…)
I care for your home:
  • Mail/newspaper picked up
  • Lights rotated
  • Indoor plants watered
  • Trash to curb
Free consultation in your home

Located in Asheville,
North Carolina

(828) 200-4737